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The Ten Basic Stops
That Victims of Racism Should Practice In Speech and/or Action 


1. Stop "Snitching"


To "snitch" is to willfully and deliberately "volunteer" information about a person, or persons with the specific intention of gaining direct or indirect "personal" favors, and/or praise, from Racists.  When Victims of Racism [non-white people] carry messages about, and/or witness against, any person or persons, in a manner that gives aid and comfort to Racists, such actions only help to promote injustice.

It is just and correct for all persons, to   the best of their will and ability, to avoid situations wherein they believe they may be tempted to, and/or expected to, "snitch".

Snitching does not mean speaking to protect yourself from false accusations, or from other unjust acts.

Snitching does mean to say something to try to "get ahead" of someone else by taking unjust advantage of his or her lack of correct judgement.

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2. Stop "Name-Calling"


To "name-call" is to call a person by any name other than the name [title, etc.] that that person chooses to be called, and/or chooses to call him or her self.   "Name-calling" is a simple but major act that promotes serious conflict between one person and another.  Among Black people, it oftentimes leads very quickly to fighting and killing. The result of "name-calling" is never worth the grief that such practices promote.

To avoid name calling a person, it is better to practice describing what it is that a person does or says.


Instead of calling a person a "liar", repeat what it was that the person said, and say that what was said was "not true".  Then explain why

Always explain why.

Instead of calling a person a "Racist", describe what it is that that person says or does that is characteristic of a Racist.  Say that it is the type of thing that a Racist says or does.  Do not, however, call the person a "Racist".  

It is also important to know and understand what to not do when a person calls you a "name":

  • Do not say anything.
  • Do not fight.
  • Do not kill.

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3. Stop "Cursing"


To "curse" people is to use "profanity" toward them in a manner that is likely to be thought of as insulting or demeaning.  This often results in the promotion of hostility.

The hostility promoted oftentimes serves no constructive purpose.  The use of "curse" words oftentimes promote "name-calling", discourtesy, and unnecessary fighting and/or killing.

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4. Stop Gossiping


To "gossip" about a person is to say something about that person, to someone other than that person, that you would not be willing to say directly to that person, at the same time and place, with those other persons listening.

  • Gossip promotes injustice. Oftentimes it leads to hostility, which, in turn, often leads to snitching, name-calling, cursing, fighting, and/or killing.
  • Gossip promotes confusion and unnecessary suspicion.  It serves no constructive purpose.

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5. Stop Being Discourteous


  • To be "discourteous" is to say or do something that shows a lack of consideration for what a person is doing or saying, or trying to do, or say, to promote knowledge or understanding of his or her thought, speech, or actions(s).
  • To be "discourteous" means to not allow a person to reveal, and/or to explain, his or her intentions.  It means for a person to speak and/or act as he or she chooses, with little or no regard as to how others will be affected.
  • Discourtesy often breeds hostility and/or confusion.
  • Discourteous speech and/or action often promotes name-calling, cursing, fighting and/or killing.

Note:  If someone is discourteous to you, do  not help to promote it by speaking and/or acting with discourtesy toward him or her.  

Try to avoid contact with such persons. Say only to them that which is absolutely necessary.

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6. Stop Stealing


  • To steal, from any person, for any reason is to promote injustice.  To steal - even to survive - is to promote injustice.
  • To steal - even from one who has stolen from you - is to promote injustice.
  • To steal - even from an enemy - is to promote injustice.
  • To steal - even from a Racist - is to promote injustice.

Stealing causes a person to put a greater value on the things stolen, than on the value of justice.  Also, once a person starts stealing, he or she develops a tendency to continue to do so.

In a world socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists (Racists), all people are encouraged to steal, or to condone stealing, by some people, under some conditions.  Those white people who practice White Supremacy (Racism) have stolen more things from people, and have stolen more people "from themselves", than any other category of people in the known universe.

Under White Supremacy, stealing is particularly condoned if it is done through the very skillful use of deceit.  If a person can steal from another, by gaining his or her confidence, and/or by skillful trickery, it is oftentimes considered to be not "stealing", but the so-called "game" of so-called "living".

When stealing helps to maintain, expand, and/or refine the practice of White Supremacy, it is not generally considered to be "stealing".  It is oftentimes called "progress".

The system of White Supremacy functions in such manner that non-white people are not only expected to steal, but are also encouraged to steal. 

  • They are trained, bribed, and/or enticed from the time that they are small infants.
  • They are taught to want many things that will deliberately be made difficult for them to obtain. 
  • After being "encouraged" to want certain things, they are then denied the means of acquiring them without robbing, stealing, and/or killing, in order to get them.
  • They are, in many instances, very deceptively encouraged to want many things that are of no constructive value - things that are of no constructive value - thing that they do not "need", and that no person can use constructively in the manner that is generally considered "acceptable".

Racists oftentimes ridicule their subjects because they do not have, or do not want to have many things that the Racists say that a subject should strive to get.  The Racists say that their subjects [non-white people] are "backward" if they do not want, and strive to get, all of the things that Racists then proceed to encourage their subjects to develop a desire for those things.  

Once the subjects develop the desire, the Racists act, deliberately, to directly, or indirectly, discourage the subjects from getting the things desired by any means other than stealing, robbing, and /or killing.

The Racists then act to punish their subjects because of the "manner" that they, the subjects, used to acquire the tings that they were trained to desire.

Under White Supremacy (Racist), non-white people are directly or indirectly encouraged to steal those things that are of use or a relatively short period

All things considered, it is better that no person steal from, or rob anyone, at any time, for any reason.  This is one of the best ways to start to produce justice, and to show how nothing is important without it.

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7. Stop Robbing


To rob a person is to use direct bodily harm, and/or, to use the threat of direct bodily harm, to take from a person, any one or more things, that he or she possesses, and then to use the thing(s) taken to "please" the mind, and/or to "make comfortable" the body of the person doing the talking.

To steal from a person is to take something from that person, without that person knowing one or more of the following, at the exact time of the taking:

  • What was taken.
  • When it was taken.
  • Where it was taken
  • Why it was taken
  • Who took it.

A person who robs has the same basic intentions as a person who steals. Neither robbing nor stealing helps to promote justice.   A person should not rob, for the same reasons that he or she should not steal.

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8. Stop Fighting


People should not fight as long as they can talk to each other, and they should talk to each other in such manner as to minimize conflict, and/or to better promote justice.

When people  cannot talk to each other without trying to maim or do other bodily harm to each other, they should then do everything that they can to minimize or eliminated contact with each other.  

When people have no contact with each other, directly or indirectly, they cannot have conflict with each other.

There is no justifiable violence, by persons against each other.  There is only justifiable counter-violence.

It is correct for all persons to do all that they can to avoid being involved in any form of "violence".

It is also correct for all persons to try to keep circumstances from becoming so imbalanced that counter-violence is required in order to promote justice.  People who exist in subjugation to White Supremacy (Racism) should only use counter-violence, and they should only use counter-violence for the following purposes.

  • To protect themselves, or others, from acts of deliberate, immediate, direct, and functionally unavoidable violence, by any persons, or persons.  In protecting themselves, or others, only a minimum of necessary counter-violence should be used.
  • To enact Maximum Emergency Compensatory Justice [MECJ].  Note: See detailed description of "Maximum Emergency Compensatory Justice" in the portion of this work entitled "Area 9: War".

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9. Stop Killing

Exceptions:  When "forced" to do so in direct defense of self, others, and/or major property, or, except when "forced" to do so through the enactment of Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice.


Even in direct and immediate defense of self, of others, and/or in the direct protection of major property, it is best to avoid killing or maiming.  Killing any aggressor should only be done when there is apparently no other known way to put an immediate stop to his or her aggression, and/or, when every reasonable effort has been made to escape the immediate fury of the aggression.

It is correct for a Victim of Racism [non-white person] to willfully and deliberately kill and/or execute no person(s) except Racists (White Supremacists), and, when done, that Victim of Racism should then kill him, or her self.

Note: See detailed description of "Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Justice" in the portion of this work entitled "Area 9: War".

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10. Stop Squabbling Among Yourselves and Asking Racists  (White Supremacists) to Settle Your Problems


One of the major non-just acts that Racists (White Supremacists) commit is to establish situations that cause, and/or encourage non-white people to squabble among themselves.

Racists do not approve of any fights or arguments between non-white people that non-white people settle among themselves without the so-called "help" of the Racists.

Racists do not, knowingly, allow any non-white person, or persons, to do anything that does not directly, or indirectly, help to promote Racism (White Supremacy).

Racists approve of, and encourage non-white people to fight each other, kill each other, squabble with each other, "name-call" each other, and/or do anything that best helps non-white people to remain confused, and non-constructive.

Racists, however, are not in favor of the extermination of all non-white people.  They are in favor of many non-white people being killed, but not all of them.  They have no desire for non-white people to become extinct.  

If "non-white" people became extinct, there could be no way for "white" people  to practice "Racism" - at least they could not practice it in the form of "White Supremacy".  Racists want non-white people to continue to exist.  It is not possible to practice "White Supremacy" if non-white people do no exist.

The Racists want non-white people to continue to be their subjects and victims.  While using non-white people as victims, the Racists particularly want the non-white people to squabble among themselves, and they want the non-white people to beg them, the Racists, to "settle" the squabbles. This is one of the major ways that the Racists have of maintaining their power. They also do this to prove their power, feed their ego's and amuse themselves.

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Summary of the "Ten (10) Basic Stops"

In order to help eliminate Racism and to produce justice [balance between people], all Victims of Racism should, in all of their relationships with each other, think speak, and act in support of the following three-word suggestion:

"Minimize the Conflict"

No contact; no conflict.

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The CODE Bookcover

THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE / SYSTEM / CONCEPTA Textbook / Workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy)
aka "The Code" by Neely Fuller Jr.

The Code was written to help the victims of racism [white supremacy] to solve the problem of racism [white supremacy]. 

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"If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you."

-- Neely Fuller Jr.

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