Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr.

Neely Fuller Jr.

.. On the Subject of

Do not "worship" hair.

Don't spend great time and/or effort:

  • combing it
  • twisting it
  • patting it
  • brushing it
  • pulling it
  • greasing it
  • oiling it
  • shaping it
  • straightening it [contributed by a female Victim of Racism]
  • processing it [contributed by a female Victim of Racism]
  • or looking at it.

Don't spend so much time/effort
wondering about whether your hair is

  • "right"
  • or "wrong"
  • or "good"
  • or "bad".

Don't worry about the hair:

  • on your head
  • on your chin
  • on your face
  • over your eyelids, etc.

Show more concern about
the lack of constructive knowledge
inside your head.


"Manhood", "womanhood", the elimination of Racism, nor the establishment of justice is not a matter of giving great time and attention to hair.

This posting is provided with permission from the copyright owner and excerpted from the book: "THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE / SYSTEM / CONCEPT: A textbook/workbook for thought, speech and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy)", aka The Code, written by Neely Fuller, Jr.

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Marcus Mosiah Garvey [1887-1940]

"Don't remove the kinks
from your

Remove them
from your

-- The Honorable
Marcus Mosiah Garvey


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